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LustLock develops and sells high quality padlocks for piercings and zips.

The products differ significantly from other articles in the erotic toy market, which are usually characterized of inferior quality or poor usability. Made in Switzerland..

LustLock Products stand for
- Quality
- Comfort
- Security
- Skinfriendlyness


consider carefully to whom you hand this this key...


nasty, nasty little locks...

Highly refined padlock bodies and hasps , all edges rounded, closure body from ABUS Germany. Surface refined by silver/palladium or 18kt- gold plating.


Padlocks for Piercings

Padlocks made for locking piercing rings, or for the direct closure of piercing channels.

Special hasps made of titanium, fully removable from the lock body.

In gold (18kt gold plated) oder silver (silver plated) version

Engravemenst possible.


Padlocks for Zips

Small locks made for the supplementary locking of a standard zip on shoes or clothing.

No more clandestine removal of subbie's shoes

In gold, silver or brass version.




LustLock Prods.
Nimo Bosch
CH- 8402 Winterthur

img the best chastity device is the one you only realize in the moment you' d like to be open...
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