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FAQ: the most common question:
"Can you tell me why you have to be circumsied for the penicap? "

the penicap acts like a replacement of the foreskin.  The locking mechanism of the ingenious penicap lock isn't working anymore. With a  normal, unperforated or not removed foreskin you are not able to push the locking PA stud through the glans and the penicap mould, beacuse it's a  barrier  layer in between.
It is dangerous to keep the foresking permanently rolled back. And with a rolled back foreskin the anatomical fit of the penicap to the glans, which gives the penicap a tight, not sliding fit to the glans when erected, is disturbed.

So: there's only one way for serious chastity with a penicap: remove the foreskin, get a PA piercing.
Circumcision as an adult is just a small surgical procedure, which may be done under local anesthesia.

compulsory preconditions for a Penicap are:

1) circumcised foreskin
2) Prince Albert Piercing of 5mm (4 or 5 G)

All existing male chastity devices have proved to be inappropriate in everyday usability. The well known problems are insufficient functionality, i.e. protection against masturbation, chafing, bulky volume, poor hygienic conditions, simply uncomfortable or harmful for health (Models like CB may constrict and retain venous testicular bloodflow).

LustLock has chosen a different way than common designs. It is based on a more radical approach:

the PeniCap (pat.pending)

Only the glans is protected by a anatomical formed, hard-case thermoplast lightweight mould, in which the glans gets locked by a pin which replaces the Prince Albert piercing. The pin is locked outside at the case by a tiny, special lock. The case inhibits any manipulation, touching, caressing, pumping etc of the glans. Only in a limp state a certain movement of the glans is possible.
Because of its compact and small construction, comfort and hygienic conditions, the PeniCap can be worn always and in every possible life situation- sports, cyling, riding, swimming, etc. It is airport safe. It can be worn under tight jeans. In two day the wearer gets used and will not notice the presence of a PeniCap anymore. Only under erection you will feel the sensation of pressure on your glans. The PeniCap allows erections, which are not painful. Sleep is not interrupted.

Unrination is easily possible. Remaining drops of urine inside can dry due to the perforated and ventilated design. Washing by shower gives a sufficient cleaning from ouside. Nevertheless regular cleaning is recommended, at least once a fortnight. You need also to check for irritations on the glans and at the pin insertion from time to time.


The PeniCap is made to measure for an exact fit. Measurements in mm. When ordering (see Shop ), put your values (see under Dimensions) into the "comment" field.


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